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Since LJ has deleted and purged at least one comm (ds_match) that's had no activity for some time even though there are (were) many posts it, I'm taking the precaution of making insurance posts in some of the comms I moderate. Apologies for the spam.
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ADMIN POST: may amnesty challenges

Now that April is over, we are in May. So I present to you the May Amnesty Challenges:

Resolutions Challenge
t's the New Year, and with every New Year comes New Year's resolutions. Thus, I give you the Resolutions Challenge. It can be as simple as a New Year's resolution: Tony resolves to work out more. McGee resolves to write a sequel to his book. Abby resolves to drink less caffeine (contributed by skripka). Resolution to solve a case, to finish the tell someone how you feel (or not). Go forth and resolve to write!

Original Characters Challenge
There's a whole world of people who interact with our regular cast of characters, and never appear on the show. Your story must significantly feature at least one of these people.

It could be a romantic relationship (past, present, or future). A teacher. A relative. A neighbor. It could be someone they interact with while working on a case. It could be someone observing one or more of our characters from the outside, not knowing what they do for a living. Gibbs' tax preparer, dealing with three alimonies. The guy who details Tony's car, or the dry cleaner who wonders why Kate's clothes have so many bloodstains. Abby's tattoo artist. The first person Ziva killed; the first corpse Ducky ever autopsied. Tell us about them.

Secrets and Lies Challenge
What is that one thing the characters don't want anyone else to know about them? It doesn't have to be something horrible; it could be something embarrassing or just something intensely private. Will they lie to protect their secret? Or maybe the lie becomes the secret. It could be a canonical secret--Gibbs's first wife and daughter were a secret for years, or the secret of who really killed Ari, or Tony's secret investigations for the Director--or you could make up a secret of your own for them.

Epistolary Challenge
We'll start with a definition: 1. contained in or carried on by letters: an epistolary friendship; 2. of, pertaining to, or consisting of letters.
So your challenge is to have a fic based around letters. Email is also acceptable. Have someone receive a letter. Have someone write a letter. Five Letters Tony Never Wrote. Abby's first love letter. Have a fic written as correspondence between two (or more) characters. Abby and McGee's email back and forth during a boring work day; Ziva's emails back to a friend at Mossad.

Self-Insertion ChallengeWrite yourself into an NCIS story. That's it. Your real self, in your real job or in your real home town or while you're on vacation, whatever you see fit. You can have a bit part, a walk-on role, or you can be a major character in the story. Maybe you're Gibbs' neighbor, wondering why you hear hammering coming from his house in the middle of the night. Maybe your kid brother went to high school with Abby. Maybe McGee used to date your third cousin Zelda (twice removed). Maybe your teenage kid walks Ducky's mother's dogs. You can be a crime victim, a perpetrator, a witness. A case could bring the team into contact with you through your job. It's up to you. But if you Mary Sue yourself as the romantic interest of one of the NCIS folks? We reserve the right to point and laugh. I'm just sayin'. ;-)

Amnesty is being granted for these challenges for the month of May. Click the challenge name to visit the original prompt entires.

Always Remember: Subjects to your post are to be formated as: [Title] by [author], and attach appropriate tags. An author tag will be created for you by a moderator at their earliest convienence.
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ADMIN POST: deception challenge

Now, the APRIL FOOLS challenge is over.

The new challenge we bring you is the DECEPTION CHALLENGE. We've seen Tony and Ziva both deceive the team with their relationships. McGee about his book, and Ducky about his mother's death. What other ways or reasons would one of the team go out to intentionally deceive their friends. Or how about someone, a suspect maybe, deceiving them?

This challenge will be open for TWO weeks. Anticipated closing of challenge is Tuesday, May 10, 2011. Always remember, subjects to your post are to be formatted as: [Title] by [author], and attach appropriate tags. An author tag will be created for you by a moderator at their earliest convenience.
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ADMIN POST: april fools challenge

As I said in the amnesty post, I haven't been feeling well lately and it's been leading to my negligence of duties here. I am going to try to be more on the ball, but please have patience. Also, I would like any feedback from our followers. Do you find the challenges interesting at all? Is there anything or any type of challenges you want to see that might spark some activity here? Let me know please.

Now, the MARCH MADNESS challenge is over.

The new challenge is APRIL FOOLS. In celebration of the 1st of April, let's see pranks galore! Probably Tony's most favorite day of the year, McGee and Ziva's worst. Or will they get their revenge? Prank away!

This challenge will be open for TWO weeks. Anticipated closing of challenge is Tuesday, April 26, 2011.

Always remember, subjects to your post are to be formatted as: [Title] by [author], and attach appropriate tags. An author tag will be created for you by a moderator at their earliest convienence.
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ADMIN POST: april amnesty

I'm full of fail. I've been pretty sick the last few weeks and out of it.

The April Amnesty challenge we are bringing you...

Tarot Challenge
Your current challenge, brought to you by twoweevils, is TAROT: The Major Arcana. You can use this as a theme, as a general idea, or you can pick from one of the Major Arcana cards below:

The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment, The World

Links provided for reference, should you want to explore the symbolism in these cards. Keep in mind that Tarot symbolism is not always about the obvious; Death, for example, is about change, not about endings.

Relativity Challenge
You could interpret this as having to do with relatives and family: families of the team members, the team as family to each other, family issues involved in a case, and so on.

Or you could explore any other interpretation of "relativity" -- or "relative" or "relate" or "relations" -- including those having nothing to do with family.

Fall Challenge
Fall as in autumn? Falling in love? Fall from grace? Fall in battle? Fall asleep? Or maybe just a literal fall. Maybe it's not a person who's falling--temperatures can fall, among other things. The possibilities are endless!

Halloween Challenge
I believe this is relatively self-explanatory. Trick-or treat, anyone?

AU Challenge
Take one or more -- or all -- of our characters, and make them anything other than what they are.
Put them all on a baseball team. Make Tony and Abby dance instructors and the others their clients. Make Madame Director a real madame pimping out high-class escorts... DiNozzo as rentboy, anyone? Abby hooker!fic? Or go for an academic AU and show us Ducky and McGee and Abby as college professors; who would be the football coach, do you think? Put them all in the White House or Parliament or Buckingham Palace, make them prison inmates or astronauts or newspaper reporters or put them on a starship. You're limited only by your imagination.

Amnesty is being granted for these challenges for the month of April. Click the challenge name to visit the original prompt entries.

Always remember, subjects to your post are to be formatted as: [Title] by [author], and attach appropriate tags. An author tag will be created for you by a moderator at their earliest convienence.
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ADMIN POST: march madness challenge

The INTERNATIONAL WOMEN challenge is officially closed! Again we got no entries :( boo!


One of the biggest events in March is basketball! Really, though, to broaden the theme for more ideas, feel free to write about any sport. What is going on right now? Basketball finals, baseball spring training, off season for football, hockey, soccer...polo? Let's get sweaty!

This challenge will be open for (just over) TWO weeks since I am full of fail. Anticipated closing of challenge is Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

Always remember, subjects to your post are to be formatted as: [Title] by [author], and attach appropriate tags. An author tag will be created for you by a moderator at their earliest convienence.
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ADMIN POST: international women challenge reminder

Hey everyone! The current challenge is to celebrate TODAY! Today is International Women Day! We are halfway through this challenge and there is 1 week left.

Get up and support the strength of being a WOMAN!

International Women Challenge post, Closes March 15.

IWD is now an official holiday in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China (for women only), Cuba, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar (for women only), Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal (for women only), Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia. The tradition sees men honouring their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc with flowers and small gifts. In some countries IWD has the equivalent status of Mother's Day where children give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers.

The new millennium has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift in both women's and society's thoughts about women's equality and emancipation. Many from a younger generation feel that 'all the battles have been won for women' while many feminists from the 1970's know only too well the longevity and ingrained complexity of patriarchy. With more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights, and an increased critical mass of women's visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, one could think that women have gained true equality. The unfortunate fact is that women are still not paid equally to that of their male counterparts, women still are not present in equal numbers in business or politics, and globally women's education, health and the violence against them is worse than that of men.

However, great improvements have been made. We do have female astronauts and prime ministers, school girls are welcomed into university, women can work and have a family, women have real choices. And so the tone and nature of IWD has, for the past few years, moved from being a reminder about the negatives to a celebration of the positives.

Annually on 8 March, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements. A global web of rich and diverse local activity connects women from all around the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and networking events through to local women's craft markets, theatric performances, fashion parades and more.

Many global corporations have also started to more actively support IWD by running their own internal events and through supporting external ones. For example, on 8 March search engine and media giant Google some years even changes its logo on its global search pages. Year on year IWD is certainly increasing in status. The United States even designates the whole month of March as 'Women's History Month'.

So make a difference, think globally and act locally !! Make everyday International Women's Day. Do your bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.
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ADMIN POST: march amnesty

March Amnesty is in effect and will close 03/31/2011 regardless of an official post.

Anywhere Else Challenge
For this challenge, the majority of the story must take place anywhere OTHER than the usual series locations.

FORBIDDEN Locations: NCIS Headquarters, any of the characters' homes, DC metro area, Norfolk, Bethesda Naval Hospital, and most naval bases and ships/submarines.

BONUS Locations: You are strongly encouraged to set at least part of the story in your home town/region. If you do this, then it's permissable to use your local naval base, if there is one. Or bring them there on a case, or on vacation, or on a visit to family -- it's up to you.

Meetings Challenge
How did the various characters meet? If we know how they met (i.e., Gibbs and Kate), what were their first impressions of one another?

Other alternatives:

- Meeting someone new
- Meeting an informant
- Attending a staff or committee meeting
- A meeting of minds
- Meeting someone famous or otherwise admired
- AA or other support group meetings...?

The possibilities are endless!

Crossovers Challenge
Tony's from Baltimore. What if he worked with Pembleton and Bayliss before coming to NCIS? (Homicide: LotS) Did Gibbs serve in the Marines with Stabler? (L&O: SVU) Go back a couple season and ask Kate if she knew CJ Cregg or worked for President Bartlet (West Wing)? There's always the law enforcement fun of cross-jurisdictional purposes; what happens when CSI and NCIS get called in on the same case? Would NCIS find some sort of evidence SG1 needs and who would go challenge Gibbs for it?

Go forth and multiply universes!

Sins & Virtues Challenge

Find your inspiration in any of the Seven Virtues:

Chastity (purity)
Moderation (self-restraint)
Generosity (vigilance)
Zeal (enthusiasm)
Meekness (composure)
Charity (giving)
Humility (humbleness)

Or pick one (or all!) of the Seven Deadly Sins and wallow in it:

Lust (inappropriate desire)
Gluttony (over-indulgence)
Greed (avarice)
Sloth (laziness)
Wrath (anger)
Envy (jealousy)
Pride (vanity)

And just think... there are seven principal characters, after all:

Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky, Shepard

Makes you think eh?

Image Challenge
The new challenge is something a little different. Instead of giving you a word or phrase, this time you get a picture. The image is behind the cut, to spare flists.

Collapse )

Edited to add: Your response doesn't have to match every element of the picture. You can use any single part or any combination of parts of the picture that inspires you.
NOTE: The original image is no longer available so I have substituted a new one. ~meekosan

Amnesty closes on March 31.

Always remember, subjects to your post are to be formatted as: [Title] by [author], and attach appropriate tags. An author tag will be created for you by a moderator at their earliest convienence.